Robbery. Murder. Rape. Hilarious.  

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! Pat Dixon is a hilarious stand up comedian who presents the latest crimes in 'America's largest city, World's loneliest town' in a funny way....' ”

“I've been listening for a couple years, and this podcast is still the funniest hour of my week.”

“Pat is so quick and funny, you'll be laughing before you realize the gravity of the subject.”

“The misogyny and the ignorance together made me incredibly uncomfortable listening to this show. This is rape culture. Right here. This is what it sounds like.”

“A weekly visit to the gritty New York you thought had been lost forever. With jokes.”

“I've been enjoying your podcast for over a year and a half now and it is truly a funny, witty, and altogether wholesome show. Being a prosecutor myself, I find it particularly interesting. Being a Jew, it is even funnier.”

“I've been listening for over a year and always look forward to NYC Crime Report. It's very funny and actually informative.”

“It's a dry and dark tour de force, with the most interesting voice of any podcaster in my collection. Fair warning: If you require trigger warnings in order to keep your precious feelings from being hurt in the real world (or if you use the term "intersectional” in your day-to-day) ... move on. This isn't for you, precious flower."

“listen every day at work...glad I have an office to myself so I don't have to explain why I often laugh out loud. I would never hear most of these stories, and the twisted, irreverant take you and your guests offer to enhance my knowledge is fabulous. Keep up the great work! I recommend everyone listen!”

“Pat Dixon and his assorted guests deliver a wry, sardonic look at crime and the folks who infest the shaddowy corners of the Big Apple. Twisted fun for one and all!”

“No bs, hilarious and informative. I love this show.”

“Pat Dixon is witty and has no filter. It's the exact kind of humor I appreciate”

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